About The Host

About The Host

I could sit here and talk myself up like other sites, but that’s just not me. So instead, here’s what I’d like to say:
The first thing I’d like to get out of the way is that I AM NOT AN EXPERT on any of the subjects I cover. I am a regular guy who is passionate and opinionated about his interests, sometimes a little too much. Creating My Take Radio has allowed me to harness my ability to entertain people with my thoughts and ideas, as well as allow me to expand myself and learn about new things. Who would think I’d be sitting here working on a webpage for a Podcast that I created?!
I know the masses are dying to get inside my all-knowing brain, so here’s some details into the mind of the man you love to hear rant every week:

Likes: Gaming, yelling at people, steak, weightlifting, anime, sushi, korean BBQ, tattoos, Food Network programming and a host of other stuff.

Dislikes: GameStop, cooked spinach, and a multitude of other things you will hear about on the show.

Favorite Games: Practically every fighting game there is but Street Fighter most of all.

Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Shoot Em UP, Gladiator, Kill Bill, Enter The Dragon, Forrest Gump, LOTR, Star Wars, Godfather 1 & 2, old stuff my girlfriend doesnt like, and other assorted action, kung fu and horror flicks.

When not hating Microsoft Excel at my Average Joe job, I usually spend my time changing my avatar’s clothes on XBOX Live, recapping shows on fast forward, beating my fiancee at Scene It! and living my life one day at a time like all of you.  Occasionally, I pick up a book to make sure my brain still remembers adult-level vocabulary words.  Right now, I don’t get to broadcast My Take Radio full time, but hopefully if you keep tuning in, I may have that chance someday. I plan on driving My Take Radio as far as it wants to go, and I hope you all stay along for the ride.