Andrea- Managing Editor/Guest Bookings

About Andrea: Being the future wife of your illustrious My Take Radio host, I work supportively behind the scenes of the show. As MTR’s self-proclaimed television guru, I also am your guide to the scoop on all of your favorite primetime time-wasters. Seriously, I spend hours per night watching television. I am obsessed with spoilers and tv blogs and read them all multiple times per day. The other hours of my day are spent being underappreciated at my paying job in real estate – which doesn’t really interest me all that much (unless in 5 years I am selling a house to Kristen Bell). BTW – Veronica Mars – my most favorite show of ALL time (and if you disparage it in any way I will find you and violently put you in a kimura). Moving on…my other loves are pro-wrestling and MMA. Rich and I spend hours at a time watching (and ranting about) our faves together. Want a cool chick to watch fights with that will NOT be saying “oooh, hot guys” or “ewww, blood” but rather be screaming “ground and pound his ass” or “what the fuck was the ref thinking” – that’s me. Gaming really is not my strong suit, unless you count Mario Kart or Virtua Fighter IV – but that’s okay because Rich, Slick and Bryan got it all covered.

My Take Radio will continue to bring you awesome content and guests each week. If there is something you’d like to hear about – feel free to contact the staff and let us know.

Twitter: @Andrea_MTR


Handel aka Slick- Senior Editor/MTR Show Screener

About Handel: I am a longtime gamer from the days of the Atari 2600 who to this day will not stop picking up controllers. I grew up watching wrestling and really strange and twisted movies with my mom and to this day we share a lot of the same interests. I got into My Take Radio through my friendship with Rich that started on the MySpace video game forum. The internet has been an excellent networking resource generating many genuine friendships and opportunities like moderating MySpace and My Take Radio forums. My Take radio is important to me because it lets users really be themselves with very little restrictions and Rich has allowed me to be a huge part of the site so it is only right that I put my all into it. Feel free to tell me what you like or dislike about my contributions to the site. If you ask, I will respond.

Twitter: @MTRSlick

Josh- Senior Staff Writer, Author of Brandon Sparks and the Hidden Sun

About Josh:Joshua Fuld was born in Manhasset, New York and grew up on Long Island in the triumvirate of Plainview, Syosset, and Woodbury (arranged alphabetically so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings). Amazingly, he survived the mean hallways of Syosset High School (picture One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but with many more Mercedes) and moved upstate to Hobart College where he majored in English (imagine that).

Fuld’s entire adult life has been consumed with a singular passion; bringing the adventures of Brandon Sparks to life. In sacrifice to this pursuit, and to the creation of the entire seven book series, Fuld has turned his back on a promising career in television. Fuld’s ambition is to bring children back to reading, and Brandon Sparks and the Hidden Sun is the first step in his master plan.

Joshua Fuld is a proud member of the SCBWI.

Twitter: @JoshFuld


Ben aka Blaqout-Staff Writer

About Ben: I am self described nerd and have been basically my entire life. HUGE mma fan you can possibly ask me a question about the first 20 ufcs and i can ‘ tell you the names, location, and main event off the top of the head. Seeing as I’m only 21 I had to go back and watch all this stuff so don’t test my mma gangster cuz I’ll straight slap you with my knowledge. Besides mma I’m a big comics and video game fan. Outside of intrest the relate directly to the site huge music buff so my twitter feed is filled with mma and hip hop stuff. So feel free to ask me questions about either.

Twitter: @Blaqout89


John aka John Blade-Staff Writer

About John: If you want to complain about wrestling. I’m your guy! Been watching wrestling for about 12 years. I’ve learned how the business works and I know what to expect. This makes my job easy. Burying wrestlers is my Area of expertise, I may also review a game every now and then but expect Buried! To be my top priority. My style of writing is more laid back and relaxed, but in the wrestling business, a bit of rage tends to seep out every now and again. That may come from either the amount of Call Of Duty I play, or from the blood I share with “The Man.” Expect some laughs, some fun, and a lot of pointless information.

Twitter: @JohnUButler


Quark-Staff Writer

About Quark: Quark is the antithesis of Blade in all aspects but his brash demeanor and take no prisoners attitude is what makes Buried a staple to the MTR masses. When not shoveling dirt on your favorite wrestling superstars Quark spends his time watching Breaking Bad and rotting his brain playing video games. You’re Welcome!

Twitter: @QuarkMTR


jay santy

Jay Santy-Staff Writer

About Jay: Jay is MTR’s newest writer who joins the fold armed with wrestling knowledge of not only the mainstream promotions but the independent scene as well. A staple at House of Glory not only as a fan but as a commentator and interviewer Jay’s insight is not only from the fan perspective but from an insiders view as well.

Twitter: @JaySantyPSW

Larry MacLarry Mac-Staff Writer

About Larry: Larry Mac was born and raised in Cleveland – yet another calamity to befall that once proud town. He grew up with roleplaying games because video games weren’t invented way back then and has since devoted himself to music, movies and anything else that distracts him from what passes for his real life. After realizing that his years as a working-class computer nerd had made him bitter and miserable he decided to be a writer, so here he is – ready to tell you why “Sharknado” is a better film than “Gone With the Wind” and why painful dental procedures are better than “Old Boy”.