The MTR Pick 10: Submission Holds

The MTR Pick 10: Submission Holds

Rich September 7, 2013 Comments Off
The MTR Pick 10: Submission Holds

A few weeks back I did a Pick 10 focusing on Tag Team finishers and it got me thinking about other finishers that are always awesome to see. While I could have gone with the more impactful moves, there are some awesome submissions that need to be acknowledged. The difference with this column vs. the Tag Team finisher column is that these submissions are in no particular order, since I really could not choose one over the other. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.


Used by: Tazz (WWE)/Taz (ECW)

Taz was one of the reasons I started following ECW. His variety of suplexes and of course the tazzmission a/k/a the Kata Ha Jime have made him one of my favorite wrestlers. His promos against Shane Douglas and Jerry Lawler are legendary.

9.Regal Stretch

Used by: William Regal

William Regal is so underrated and it is truly sad he never got a chance to hold the WWE or World Heavyweight title.

8.Crossface Chickenwing

Used by: Bob Backlund/ Briefly by Kurt Angle

No plebian was safe when Mr. Backlund locked this in!

7.Cattle Mutilation

Used by: Bryan Danielson a/k/a Daniel Bryan

While the LaBell Lock is an awesome finisher and will be seen later in this column, the fact is that this submission is just as impressive. I’d like to see Bryan use it more often in the WWE.

6.Texas Cloverleaf

Used by Dean Malenko/Sheamus/Paige

When “The Man of 1000 Holds” used this finisher, victory was guaranteed most the time. Nowadays, Sheamus has been using the Cloverleaf on occasion (amongst his other 900 finishers). The variation also currently used by Paige in NXT is very impressive as well.



5.Wall of Jericho/Liontamer (Classic)

Used by: Y2J

I’m not talking about that stupid boston crab! We are talking about knee and neck and guaranteed tapouts!

PS -Michael Cole is an idiot for calling it the lionsault.

4. Calf Killer

Used by: AJ Styles

AJ started using this during his latest run and it has become a favorite of mine. The move looks similar to the Calf Slice technique utilized in MMA. Hoping AJ keeps this in his arsenal going forward.

3. LeBell Lock aka Yes/No Lock

Used by: Daniel Bryan

The LeBell Lock a/k/a the Yes/No Lock is currently used by Daniel Bryan in the WWE and has led him to numerous victories. I really took a liking to the LeBell Lock due to its similarities to the Crippler Crossface, which is one of my all-time favorite submission moves. Daniel Bryan not only transitions into the move fluidly, but has it made it a move that when applied guarantees victory.

2. Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock

Used by: Bret “The Hitman Hart/Sting/The Rock (Terribly)/Natalya/Owen Hart/Chris Benoit/Tyson Kidd/Trish Stratus/Edge

The Sharpshooter and Scorpion Deathlock are submissions that are synonymous with the men that execute them. My fondest memory of the Sharpshooter was when Bret applied it to Stone Cold Steve Austin and he fainted from the pain rather than tapout which not only was an impressive feat for Austin, but cemented the Sharpshooter as one of my all time favorite moves.  The Rock has used the Sharpshooter and honestly most times he does not apply it correctly or “sit” into it the way Bret did.  Natalya, on the other hand performs it much like her uncle does so the move is not relegated to the Rock‘s poor execution. While the origins of Sharpshooter tie to the Hart Dungeon, the move originated in Japan and was first used by Riki Choshu before coming to the US.





1. Crippler Crossface

 Used by: Chris Benoit

While Chris Benoit was a terrible human being, his contributions as a professional wrestler are what we are discussing and with regards to that he had a tremendous moveset coupled with incredible intensity. The Crippler Crossface not only looked incredibly painful, but the intensity displayed by Benoit when he applied it put the move over the top.


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