Give Your Amateur Videos Some Professional Polish with the Merlin 2

Give Your Amateur Videos Some Professional Polish with the Merlin 2

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If you shoot video to capture great moments with your family or even for your job like we do, then you know that shaky video truly sucks. Shaky cam may work for “found footage” films but when you are capturing certain moments, shaky video does not cut it. When I visited CE Week in June I had the pleasure of meeting some great reps at Tiffen who not only had some great bags and filters, but also had an awesome camera stabilizer called the Merlin 2. The Merlin 2 is not your usual run of the mill stabilizer since it’s not only small but also ergonomic. I have had a few instances when I had to record a press conference and didn’t want to lag my tripod.  The Merlin 2 eliminates the need to carry a tripod strapped to your backpack, plus it’s compact enough to get tossed in a messenger bag with minimal fuss.

The Merlin 2 works with cameras weighing from 0.5 to 5 lbs. so you can throw on your video camera on it as well as large SLR cameras. I personally like the fact that I can use it both as a handheld stabilizer but also on my shoulder for run and gun shooting which would be an asset at places like CE Week or Comic Con where you are moving from booth to booth at a frantic pace.

Merlin 2

I am sure the MSRP of $849 will throw off some of you, but when video is a source of income especially for those who do event coverage then occasionally you need to splurge on certain tools. The Merlin 2 can be found at B&H for $399. We hope to have a Merlin to review so we can really put it through the ringer.

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